Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Two Abortions at Age 16: The Other Side of the Story

Two days ago I read this Yahoo article about Chelsea Handler and her decision to have two abortions at age 16. I won't go into all I'm feeling after reading the article where she upholds her decision and even gives props to her parents for talking her out of her initial decision to carry to term. I would encourage you instead to read it and then read the fictional letter to Ms. Handler from her child to see how this story could have gone had she made a different choice:

An open letter to my birth mom:

Today is my sixteenth birthday. For as long as I can remember, I've known I was adopted but today my parents told me that you were the same age as I am now when you found out you were pregnant with me. That must have been so difficult. I can't imagine how hard it was to decide what to do about me.

My parents also told me today that at first, you decided to have an abortion. It seemed like the only way out, I'm sure. I mean, having a baby is hard and being pregnant at my age... just wow. The thought overwhelms me.

I just have to say thank you for changing your mind. I don't know what made you turn your car around that day and cancel your appointment but thank you. Thank you for going through the humiliation of everyone knowing.. and seeing, that you were pregnant. Thank you for enduring the swollen feet and stretch marks (sorry!). And thank you for laboring for me. Thank you giving me life and then choosing to give me a better life by giving me up for adoption.

I have had a great life so far. 16 birthday parties. Dance recitals. School plays. Bedtime stories. Sleep overs. The parents you chose for me have loved me unconditionally which isn't always easy to do to a teenager! They couldn't have children, you know, so what you did for me was also a gift for them.

I don't know what you've done with your life- hey, you could be famous for all I know- but I do know that deciding to keep me was your greatest contribution to this world. Because through me, your beautiful blue eyes and infectious smile live on (my parents told me I got them from you:).

Your Daughter,
Giovana (It means "Gift from God")

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