Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My One Month OHS Anniversary

So... it was brought to my attention that today marks one month since my open heart surgery (insert confetti and party blower-sounds). Here's what I have to show for it:

1 heart bursting with gratitude for the support I've received. Well, it's not literally bursting. That would be very bad.
2 much time on Facebook. It's my connection with the outside world right now:)
3 servings of pizza! I had been a clean eater before my surgery but have slipped a bit since I'm not prepping my meals and because sometimes pizza just makes everything better!!
4-ever gratefulness for my husband who has done the lowest of tasks for me (and I mean the lowest) and has never complained. He should get a trophy.
5 cramped fingers from writing so many thank you cards. I've enjoyed every stroke of the pen!
6 inch scar down the middle of my chest. As my mother says, I finally have cleavage;)
7 children who are happy the Lord carried their mom through all of this.
8 enough each day thanks to friends who have brought meals- thank you!
9 lives?? I think that's why I have the name Kitty... I must have nine lives!
10-der chest area. Boy am I sore and limited but I see improvement and that's what matters.
11 floral gifts. I have so enjoyed all of the fresh flowers. Research shows that they actually help people's moods.
12 hospital bills. Boy does all this stuff add up. And I thought driving our van to Macon was expensive- you should see the ambulance bill! So thankful for health insurance and some extra help that came our way to cover our sizable deductible. God has provided!
13 kisses a day, between Casey and Emmie. He is always kissing me and she is constantly climbing up on something high so she can kiss me without making me bend over. I love it!
14 episodes of Andy Griffith watched late at night. Sleep doesn't always come easy lately but Mayberry makes it all better.
15 offers to help watch our children. We have so many people who are willing to help make things easier on us.
16 tubes, wires and IVs connected to me right after surgery. I was like the bionic woman!
17 loads of laundry per week that I don't have to do right now. This recovery thing does have its perks!
18 dreams where I am in the middle of a dire situation that requires me to give some physical effort. Right in the middle of each dream, at the moment where I'm most needed, I realize that I can't finish the task because of my surgery and I let everyone down. I haven't enjoyed this recurring theme in my dreams.
19 texts per week from awesome friends and family checking on me. Don't underestimate the power of reaching out to someone in a time of need. It goes so far!
20 times, at least, that Casey has probably wanted to hold a pillow over my face instead of rearranging them- AGAIN- until I finally got comfortable
21 cards in the mail... and each one made my day!
22 year-old nurses were taking care of me and I was so impressed by their servant hearts.There's not enough money in the world to compensate for some of the things they have to do on a daily basis.
23 books read with the little ones. This down time has given me lots of snuggle-on-the-couch-and-read time.
24 days since I left the hospital the first time. That was such a great feeling and I never would have guessed that I would have had to go back. You never know what a day will bring.
25 hundred prayers prayed for us, I'm sure. Can't believe how many people, many whom I don't even know, have been praying for me.
26 hours of Bible reading. I may be physically weak right now but I'm studying and praying that the Lord will make me spiritually strong through this time.
27 days of wearing the same pajamas. OK, maybe not that many but it's gotta be close. They're button up so I can get them on and they're oh so comfy. I'm all about comfort right now!
28 pain pills per week. 2 Motrin in the morning, 2 Motrin at night is what I'm down to. That's still a lot for a girl who doesn't like to take any pills but I've come a long way already and before long, won't need any.
29 staples removed. Yeah!! (and, no, it doesn't hurt to have them removed... surprisingly!)
30 days behind me but no idea of how many are ahead of me. None of us know so I am trying to live each one in a way that matters for eternity.

Ups and Downs in the Past 30 Days

In ICU the day after open heart surgery
     9 days later. First time getting dressed. Libby fixed my hair.
                                         One and a half weeks after that....back in the hospital.
                                                        Two weeks later: Mother's Day.

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  1. So glad to hear you are doing better. Take care and don't overdo. You have been in my thoughts and prayers even though you haven't heard from me. Thanks for encouraging my Kristie.