Thursday, May 8, 2014

It's All About Perspective

I can't drive.
I can be thankful for those who are willing to run errands for me.

I can't hold my little children.
I can hold each moment with them in my heart.

I can't help my little ones with normal physical needs.
I can let them feel that they're helping me.

I can't lay in my bed.
I can sleep in a recliner which is better than most people in this world who have sub-standard sleeping arrangements.

I can't work in the yard.
I can sit outside and enjoy looking at God's beautiful creation.

I can't cuddle or be intimate with my husband.
I can feel even deeper bonds forming as I witness him tenderly caring for me. I can also enjoy holding his hand and linger in gentle hugs, standing cheek to cheek.

I can't wash dishes or clean around the house.
I can... well, who cares about that?? :)

I can't lift over 5 pounds.
I can lift heavy emotional burdens for friends and loved ones to the Lord.

I can't go running or get any physical exercise besides a short walk each day.
I can walk!

I can't function normally without the help of pain medication.
I can feel myself healing everyday.

I can't prepare a meal for my family.
I can feed them Daily Bread.

I can't soak in a hot bath.
I can be thankful for running water and showers:)

I can't stand seeing my usually physically fit body look so frail, broken, swollen and defeated.
I can choose to focus on developing what's on the inside because that's what going to last anyway.

I can't do a lot that I am used to but I can use this as a season of growth and be thankful that it is just a season. 

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