Friday, May 2, 2014

Crowd Support

One of the huge draws to running the Boston marathon is the intense crowd support. Basically the whole city of Boston comes out to stand along the 26 mile race course. It seems to me that their only goal is to make each runner feel like they're the only one they came to see and that they're in first place. Somehow, in the sea of faces and the thousands of runners, the crowd actually accomplishes just that. And it's that motivation and transfer of energy that keeps the runners going.

I didn't get to run Boston this year because I was newly recovering from open heart surgery. I missed the race expo and all of the city-wide, pre-race hype. I didn't get to be there for the remembrance that would take place in honor of last years' tragedy. I didn't get to ride the bus to the athletes village and sit in the fields at the village talking pacing with other runners. I missed the starting corrals and the starting line. And of course, for the second year in a row, I didn't cross that famous finish line. But...

... I didn't miss out on the crowd support.

I have been running a race of a different kind. Each step has taken great strength and determination. That strength has come from the Lord and through the many loved ones who have been, and are still, cheering me on. I feel as though every step of the way, the course has been lined on both sides with crowd support. 

Just like in Boston, I have been cheered for and cheered up. I have received prayer, encouragement, cards, monetary help, meals, texts, visits, childcare, phone calls and so much more. 

It's just like running the marathon but with out the fanny pack!

Thank you! We couldn't be running this race without you!

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