Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Quick Progress Report

Monday will be 6 weeks since surgery.
Here are some milestones I reached this past week:

~I can now put on shirts over my head which means I don't have to wear the same two shirts all the time. I called the whole family out to see me wearing a t-shirt. I don't know if they were excited but I sure was!!!

~I am driving again. The doctor told me I could start driving again a week and a half ago but I wasn't ready. I drove yesterday and today and it went well. I wasn't near as excited about this as I was about the t-shirt because, personally, I refer being chauffeured around;)

~I am down to taking just a couple Motrin before bed. 

~I logged 15.5 miles this week! I am enjoying my morning walks and really soak up the beauty of the time of day... birds singing, wildflowers swaying and gentle breezes blowing. I don't miss a thing.

~I have started adding some very short jogging segments into my walks. Don't worry... the doctor said it's OK (remember, he's the one who operated on my heart and has done tons of these surgeries). I'm easing into it but am so excited with my progress.

The only trouble I still have is with sleeping and getting comfortable for the night but that will come with time, I'm sure. 

Thanks for the prayers and support!


  1. Thanks for the update. Glad to hear of your progress!

  2. Wow! You're doing awesome. After my mom had heart surgery she had terrible nightmares. Are you experiencing that?